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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Moof Envy :(

I am suffering soooooo badly from Moof envy right now!

I have had a Suna before, but I had to sell her due to general lack of cash. Then recently I decided to sell my short-haired Una so I could finally kill my overdraft. Well... unsurprisingly I have been regretting the decision and now I have a need for a Moof again!

*sigh* will these dolly desires never end?

Well, I guess I'd better get sewing if I'm ever to afford another Moofy cutie, not to mention save up for Claire's hen night... eeep! O.O

Aaaaah my fingers.... how they bleed! (This might be a teensy weensy exaggeration!)

Holly xoxoxo

Actually, I have made a very cute Blytheee skirt today in red gingham but as my camera batteries decided to die just as I was going to photograph it you'll have to wait until later to see it.

Oh, I'll be sure to stick the pattern on my website also :)

I know... the tension is unbearable, right? :P

Holly xoxo

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