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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Toneer Cyber Monday Sale 15% off EVERYTHING O.o

I have a veeeerrrryyyy busy day ahead, but just time to share an email I got this morning.

Tonner are having a 15% off everything sale on Monday 1st December PLUS free shipping (in the US).

Visit the site and at the checkout enter the promo code: 0815FS

Offer ends December the 1st at midnight.

Holly xoxo

Friday, 28 November 2008

New doll and new outfit :) - 1950s cupcake housewife and introducing curvy girl Alyssa

I was up until almost 1am this morning because I couldn't stop drawing! The result was new curvy girl Alyssa.

She's a natural, easygoing, optimistic sort of girl. I think Kaylee might have had something to do with that :)

This morning was mostly spent baking cakes for the church Fayre. I thought it would be appropriate then to design a 1950s style cupcake dress complete with pinny.


The pattern for the fabric is taken from a genuine print that I found on Etsy from seller Breezyb5.

You can get them both from MY SITE

Alternatively here's a direct link to the Alyssa doll PDF

And a direct link to the Cupcake Dress PDF

Holly and the retro dollies xoxoxoxo

Thursday, 27 November 2008

More Serenity stuff...

Okay, after the Kaylee paper doll outfits and rant of earlier I promise not to talk about Serenity or Firefly any more after this post... today anyway =D

I remembered recently seeing a posting about a Kaylee figure on Plastic & Plush that I'd been meaning to share with you and here it is... (click on the pic for the original post):

And if that wasn't cool enough, while doing a search I also happened across these great custom Barbies of the whole Firefly crew at the Serenity Stuff blog (follow this link to see... http://www.serenitystuff.com/2006/01/29/firefly-barbies/ )

Holly and the shiny dollies xoxoxo

New Kaylee inspired Firefly cosplay paper doll dress - Episode Shindig


I managed to do it... all those ruffles! This is the dress Kaylee wore in the Firefly episode 'Shindig'. Well, it's almost the same! And she's even holding a strawberry from the buffet table :)

Get it here -> http://www.dinkydivas.com/doolmakerscript/PDFs/kayleeballgown.pdf

All other dolls and cloting from here -> http://www.dinkydivas.com/printablepaperdolls.htm

Holly & the shindiggin' dollies xoxoxo

Cosplay for Libby paper doll - Kaylee from Firefly / Serenity

I hate Firefly. And this is why; it has completely ruined TV for me!

I love Firefly so much that whenever I watch anything nowadays I can't help but be disappointed. Firefly shows what TV is capable of, and what TV should be.

Watching the episodes on DVD I always start to get upset as the series comes to an end because I know there are no more episodes to watch.

Yep I know I do sound dangerously like this guy:

But I can't help it. As an outlet for my Firefly longings, I decided to make a Kaylee costume for Libby.


It's found in the usual place. In case you're not familiar with her, Kaywinnit Lee Frye is Serenity's engineer. She's completely adorable and infectiously cheerful and optimistic, I think we could all use a dose of that =D!

I plan to make the infamous ruffled ballgown from the 'Shindig' episode soon :)

Holly xoxo

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Site fix...

I came to realise that having my dolls and outfits hosted only as JPEG files on my website meant that they weren't printing out at the correct size so some of the outfits wouldn't fit the dolls.

To remedy this I have converted all the files into PDF files which can be opened using Adobe Reader. If you don't have Adobe reader you can download it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Problem solved :)

A new outfit for Libby will be revealed tomorrow, as it's almost midnight and I'm too tired *yawn*!

Holly & the paper dollies xoxoxo

Dolly mail - Momoko goodness!

A day with dolly mail is always a good day! The dolly mail was not intended for me however but was the brand spanking new Momoko ordered by Little Miss P with the Christmas money she got from her Grandma (thanks grandma!)...

I still get to enjoy things vicariously though!

She's a 'Wild and Sexy Tune' Momoko, I got her via Mimiwoo's shop. She arrived super quick, excellently packaged and she even sent this cute little bag :)


The only problem now is that I'm incredibly tempted to buy a Momoko of my own! D'oh! XD

Holly and the Momoko dollies xoxo

Ever wanted to hang Barbie?

Well now you can! And in the nicest possible way with these Hallmark Barbie christmas tree ornaments :)

I'm sure Little Miss P would approve, not sure about my husband though!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Yet more incredibly limited and unattainable Blythes *sigh*

Yep, Blythes for the elite once again... and so cute too!

I'm loving Marigold's hair but as she's limited to a run of 1000 dolls available only to CWC Complete members living in Japan I guess she's a little out of my league!

The petite is LE also available only from the traveling event "Blythe Styling Situation", Junie Moon, Blythe official mobile site (Japan only) and CWC Group On-line Shopping.

Click on the pics for the full story... I don't have the heart to type... (and other assorted melodrama, lol!).

Actually, I'm only really annoyed because I have to wait until Christmas until I can open my own Primadolly Ashlette who is nicely wrapped and stashed in the wardrobe out of my reach.... why must my husband be so deviously tall!?

Holly and the outleagued dollies xoxo

Evanesence Amy Lee inspired new dress for plus sized paper doll

If I could own any dress in the whole wide world, it would have to be the tartan dress worn by Amy Lee from Evanesence in the video for 'Call Me When You're Sober'.

I love everything about it. Since I can't own the *actual* dress then, I decided to make one... in paper at least!


This dress fits my plus sized doll, Libby. You can get it by clicking the following link: http://www.dinkydivas.com/printablepaperdolls.htm

Whatever you're doing, have fun!

Holly & the dreamy dollies xoxo

Autumn Fairy new paper doll and story...

Hello, we've emerged at the far end of the weekend and yet again I have been neglectful in my posting!
I haven't been completely idle though, I have written the first short story that I have attempted in about 10 years... literally!

The story concerns magic and fairies so I was inspired to create this new Autumn Fairy paper doll. Her dress is also available in a pale skinned version to fit the Padme doll, also available to print or download on my site :)

The doll:

The Story...


a story by Holly aka Dinky Diva

In the deepest woods, where your mother told you not to venture, magic is taking place. Not your common or garden magic that you see every day, not the magic of raising a loaf or catching the sun on your face, but real magic... wood magic.

Trees are funny things, standing to attention when you look at them, they like to whisper when your back is turned. The trees of the wildwood are not like the dozy, well mannered trees of the gardens and avenues. They chortle and grumble and fidget until their leaves fly in all directions like golden brown snowflakes.

It was among this wildwoods that I saw them that day. Fairies are not easy to spot, your eyes can pass over them in a snap without you ever knowing. To see fairies you must look with your mind...

First there is only the silent mist, chilling your feet and dampening the moss on the old trunks, but if you are patient, and if they want to be seen it can happen. It did for me...

It begins with a spark, faint at first and tricksome, like when you catch the glimpse of a star from the corner of your eye that somehow blinks out with a full on gaze. But, if your eyes don't try to hold on to it, the spark glows and brightens until it fills your eyes with its bonfire light.

Look away now and you'll lose it, but endeavour not to blink and nor will they... two bright eyes, like conkers, shining out from beneath a matt of autumnal, spiky hair twinned with a grin made for mischief and the fleetness of... ... she's gone.

In the wildwood magic is taking place. But don't go there... your mother told you not to.


Friday, 21 November 2008

New paper doll - plus sized curvy girl Libby with leopard print dress


I have been busy making a new paper doll today. She's closer to my own shape than that of the Padme doll and is very sweet and sexy :)

She has a leopard print dress and shoes available seperately on my site.

You can print her out by visiting: http://www.dinkydivas.com/printablepaperdolls.htm

New outfits will be made available for her soon. I might have to rethink the hand positions though... hmmmm.

It frustrates me that they don't seem to make any really pretty plus sized dolls, but at least I can make my own paper dolls :)

Hope you like her anyway!

Holly xoxoxo

New Christmas dolls from Tonner

Auld Lang Syne Sidney Chase LE of 75 pieces

Winter Evergreen Mimi

Holly Red Berry Babette

Enter Promo Code 081575 at Checkout to SAVE $15 off Your Order of $75 or More.

Holly and the Christmas dollies xoxo

Amazing animation from the 1930s

I found out about this on the Just Dolls blog, and I'm so glad I did!

This is the best stop motion animation I have ever seen, the effects are amazing, and the characters instantly believable. It's definitely worth watching to the end, although it does get quite dark and creepy in places, it is also funny, touching and charming!

Watch it here: http://www.archive.org/details/The_Mascot_Complete

Holly and the animated dollies xoxo

Don't adorn your Barbie, let your Barbie adorn you!

As a dolly mom do you feel that we you are constantly serving your girls demands for new outfits?

Well now, with the help of designer Margaux Lange, your dolls can adorn you (although if your Barbie is watching you may want to cover her eyes now!).

I can completely relate to Ms Lange's experience of Barbie as 'An invaluable tool for the expansion of my imagination as a child, ironically, Barbie continues to be such for me as an adult.'

Although of course, in my case this applies to dolls in general although Barbie has played a major part.

It is not surprising then, that Ms Lange continues to find inspiration from her muse today in this beautiful, thought provoking and striking jewellery collection.

To see more (which I would heartily recommend) and to learn more of the artist please visit her site by clickong on the pic :)

Holly & the non-dismembered dollies xoxo

Sneak peek of new Neo Blythe Princess Milk BisQuit de Q-pot."!

Although she hasn't actually been revealed yet we can catch a glimpse of her on the Blythe news site:)

We can see her hand and her cute little bag at least!

Shame she's another limited :(

Release date: January, 2009
Price: 16,590 yen

Holly and the peeniless dollies xoxo

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

New face mold for Blythe - who is the fairest of them all?

Hurrah, at last Takara have announced that a new face mold version of Blythe will be available soon! The new face mold will be called 'fairest' due to it's innocent and pure look and is meant to be more in line with the old EBL mold. It is also alleged to be more matte in appearance than the RBL girls.

Which upcoming releases will debut the new 'fairest' mold is yet to be announced...

Holly & the Blythe dollies xoxo

Rock on Barbie - 80's style!

Just before bed I heard the news and had to share, Mattel are going to re-release the classic 80s rocker Barbie!

I had this girl and some of her friends back in the day. Ace or what!?

Holly & the 80s dollies xoxo

New paper doll outfit - cinema usherette

Just lately I have been putting a lot of hours into a new(ish) time management game, Megaplex Madness. Today I'm celebrating because I finished the game in hard mode. I thought I'd finally be free of the game, but it turns out there's a new 'insane' difficulty mode unlocked now! Will I ever get my life back!?

Anyway, it's a really great game and to mark my modest achievement I have produced this Cinema Usherette outfit to fit the padme paper doll :)



Holly and the cinema star dollies xoxoxo

New Flickr Group dedicated to the legendary Yatabzah!

You dolly loving Flickrites will be delighted to learn that there is a new Flickr group entirely dedicated to the genius of Yatabazah!

Yatabazah. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


In case you have been trapped inside a dolly closet for the past ten years and are unaware of Yatabazah you need to learn more now! Either visit the group or visit Yatabazah's own website at: http://www.changeableblythe.com

Holly and the inspired dollies xoxo

Finally the weekend booty is revealed!!!

Sorry I didn't get chance to show you what I'd been buying yesterday. Despite it being officially daytime the sky tended to disagree and dingy photos were the result.

Although conditions aren't ideal today the results are a little better :)

In case you've been waiting with bated breath, here's what I bought at the weekend :)


A gift from Little Miss P :)


A new dress for the girls...


A family of Dam trolls rescued from the RSPCA shop...


A cute little folkdoll trinket pot from another charity shop...

I've had some good luck finding cute items at charity shops lately, but I hear on the radio that less people are donating goods at the moment and they're quite desperate for new stuff to sell. So please, if you have any spare items of bric-a-brac or clothing, why not take them to your nearest charity shop? It's a lot more environmentally friendly than landfill too!

Holly & the charity shop dollies xoxo

Monday, 17 November 2008

New paper doll outfit... St Hilda of Whitby

Whitby is my favourite place in all the world, and it is famous for more things than just Dracula alone! Today is dedicated to St Hilda of Whitby so, to celebrate, I have created a new paper doll outfit in her honour:

Hilda of Whitby

Visit http://www.dinkydivas.com/printablepaperdolls.htm to print her out :)

And if you would like to know more about St Hilda here are some links:



Holly & the nun dollies xoxo

Cute Plushies from B E Goths...

I'm kicking off the morning with a bit of news...

I have a BE Goth doll, and Little Miss P has two, but I had no idea that they had plush creations available... and such cute ones too :)

Not only that, but over the Christmas period the price is reduced from $12.99 to $9.99!

Click on the link to visit the BE Goths store and check them out :)






Holly and the spooky dollies xoxo

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Weekend slackness strikes again!

Weekend posting slackness strikes again... only it's not really so much slackness as downright busy-ness (she says, desperately trying to excuse her inaction!).

No really! I was shopping in Rotherham on Saturday, so I do have some new dolly purchases to share. Then today, after church, first Little Miss P decided to order her very first Momoko, 'Wild and Sexy Tune', with the Christmas money from her Grandma, and then we ended up in Meadowhall. I made yet more dolly purchases, not the least of which was the new 'Barbie in A Christmas Carol' DVD. Little Miss P and I just got finished watching it and it's most cute and lovely in a predictable, sentimental and sweet kind of a way :) If you enjoyed the other Barbie movies (which you'll either love or HATE!) this one will certainly not disappoint :)

Good news was, that alone the DVD is £13.99 but as a double box set you can get it with 'Barbie in The Nutcracker' DVD for only £1 more. We bought it from Zavvi but I'm presuming you can get the box set elsewhere, great value :) We also spotted the Christmas Carol Eden doll in Toys R Us and she's very cute, we especially loved her extravagant dress!

I'll reveal the dolly purchases tomorrow when there's enough light to photograph them...
I also have another paper doll half finished, and some paperdoll outfits in the pipeline.

See you tomorrow, Holly xoxo

Friday, 14 November 2008

My first printable paper doll - Padme Amidala


I finally finished my first ever printable paper doll. She is inspired by Padme Amidala and this is a gown she wore in Revenge of the Sith.

You can print the gown and the doll out separately HERE:


More to follow soon :)

Holly and the paper dollies xoxo

Happy Birthday Prince Charles!

To celebrate the birthday of our future King, here is a picture of a doll made by Peggy Nisbet models which marked the investiture of Prince Charles at Caernarfon on 1 July 1969.

This particular doll comes from The West Wales Museum of Childhood.


Holly and the curtseying dollies xoxo

Xmas sales have started at Mimiwoo.com shop!

Mimi is a lovely seller, if you are looking for some christmas bargains (have you bought presents for your dollies yet?) then click on the pic to visit her shop :)

Holly and the shopaholic dollies xoxo

New Woodling from Charles' Creature Cabinet


How beautiful is this? An exclusive Christmas release limited to only 25 pieces. Will be emerging from the forest on Luna night the 15th of November.

Click on the pic to access the site.
25 people will be very lucky!

Holly and the (wood dwelling) dollies xoxo

Thursday, 13 November 2008

New - Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend Series

Includes free shipping to the the 30th of November (within US).
Click on the pic for the full range :)

Celebrate Disco with Barbie!

I'm loving this glam 70's Disco Collectors Edition Barbie. Available from the usual outlets from December the 10th.

Holly and the disco dollies xoxo

New Nippon Dolls Revealed - Paranormal Willow and Amelie

These girls are just soooo beautiful!



Holly and the besotted dollies xoxo

New Narnia dolls from Tonner - prices also reduced, yay!

Tonner's Narnia dolls are now available to pre-order at a reduced price.
Click on the pics to visit the site :)



I'm particularly liking Coronation Susan :)

Holly & the dollies (in the wardrobe) xoxo

Paper doll blog!

Oooh, ooh! I am so excited! I just found a great paper doll blog with beautiful artwork and regular updates too! Check it out, it's awesome ^-^!

I first got into paper dolls as a little girl. I used to get Bunty comic every week and relished the paper dolls which would always appear on the back page. I also used to turn my mum's catalogues into paper dolls as well as drawing my own.

Oh yay! I'm inspired! I'm off to make paper dolls, yay!

Holly and the (paper) dollies xoxo

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New Blythe Animation - Frosty Frock

Special Deal on Ugly Dolls! Buy one get one free!

Right now at Play.com Ugly Dolls are on special; buy A 2' Ugly Doll, and order A 1' Ugly for free!

How can you resist?

Please click on the pic to visit the website :)

Holly & the ugly dollies xoxo

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Giant Little Girl

I saw this clip for the first time a couple of years ago and had completely forgotten about it. I am constantly amazed by it!

Apple the Perfekta Yes/No doll is now up for adoption in my shop...

Apple has been with me for long enough and is now getting itchy feet for a new home.

You can view all the details and visit my shop by clicking on her pic :)

Holly & Apple xoxo

Pullip Photo for Monthly Scavenger Hunt theme 'Raindrops'

It's ages since I submitted anything for the Monthly Scavenger Hunt group on Flickr.

This month's theme is 'A Few of My Favourite Things...' so topic number one is 'Raindrops', and how could I include my favourite things if there's no dollies involved!?.

Here's my entry... what do you think?

'Raindrops' for Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Holly and Paprika the Pullip xoxo

Monday, 10 November 2008

My pick of the goodies at Paperchase...

Paperchase is one of my favourite shops. Here is my pick of the items they currently have to offer (all dolly related of course!)...


1. Russian Doll Tea Towels - £5.75

2. Angel Sprout Cards - £3.00

3. Russian Dolls - £6.75

4. Natural Miss Shopper Bag - £5.75

5. Boxed Russian Doll Mug £4.75

6. Hot Water Bottle - £8.00

7. Moneybox - £8.00

8. China Doll Hair Accessories - £2.50

9. Charity Cards - £3.00

10. Angel Cards - £2.75

11. Russian Doll Candles - £10.00

You can visit Paperchase's website by clicking on the pic :)

Holly & the shopaholic dollies xoxo

Free Competition - Barbie Christmas Carol DVD and doll to be won

If you live in the UK why not take part in this great Barbie competition being run by Whats On TV magazine?

Please click on the picture to visit the site:

Kensington Antique, Artist, & Fashion Doll Show

Kensington Antique, Artist, & Fashion Doll Show which includes London’s first Reborn Baby Doll Show will take place on the 23rd of November 2008 open to the public between 11am and 4pm.

Tickets will cost:
Early Bird Tickets: 9.00a.m. £10
General public: 11.00 - 4.00 p.m.
Adults £3 Children £1

Tube Station:
High Street Kensington
District & Circle Lines

For stand bookings & enquiries please contact: Judy Bebber, P.O. Box 75, Bridlington YO15 3YZ
Tel: 01262 677775 Mobile: 07850 200738

Bratz Play Sportz collection for Autumn 2008

Another range of Bratz dolls out for Autumn is the Play Sportz Xtreme collection.
It's nice to see some action girls, and these girls were selling in Asda for under a tenner this morning :)