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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tonner to release Dr Who and Torchwood Dolls!?

I just heard a rumour that Tonner are meant to be releaseing dolls of the following Dr Who and Torchwood charachters:

Martha Jones
The Doctor
Jack Harkness
Gwen Cooper

There's no pics to be found as yet, but I can't wait to see if it's true!
Oh Tonner your name is temptation XD!!!

Holly & the excited dollies xoxoxo

Friday, 23 January 2009

365 toy project group on Flickr

I just joined this group, there's some amazing pics on there, and since I am usually photographing my dollies on a daily basis anyway I thought I might as well join in!

You can visit the group by clicking on this widget:
The 365 Toy Project. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Here's my latest addition:
365 days toys #2

She's a character from Tim Burton's 'The Corpse Bride' which I managed to pick up in the model shop in Meadowhall at half price... yay ^-^!

Holly xoxo

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Good things come in small packages!

So I was browsing Flickr a few weeks ago and ogling other peoples dollies when I happened across Elly Jelly's pic of her tiny wee Odeco and Nikki keychain. I knew then that I had to have one, so I promptly ordered one for myself (and one for Little Miss P as well of course!). She arrived today from the wonderful Mimiwoo, and has made herself very much at home in my little Animal Crossing house, even if it is rather small for her!

Say hello tiny doll-chan!

mini nikki n odeco keychains!

Love from Holly and the teensy weensy dollies ^-^!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hi dolly we're home!

Okay, strictly speaking I haven't actually been anywhere as such, just absent from cyberspace! Life since Christmas has been a hectic whirlwind but now I am back, and what's more, I bring dolls!

Well... one new doll anyway, my new Tiny Betsy McCall, Peggy...


I'd been admiring Tiny Betsies from afar for some time, but kept restraining myself from an actual purchase as I am very prone to buyer's remorse!
Now that she has arrived however she really is quite lovely, although one thing that's bothering me a bit is her lips. I'm sure they're slightly further right than they should be. This niggle will go one of two ways; either bug the heck out of me until I fix it, or end up making her seem even more endearing than she does now!

We'll have to wait and see, though I am erring to the endearing side right now :)

Holly and the tiny dollies xoxoxo

PS I am also working on a new printable paper doll as well as a possible Flash based dress up game in collaboration with my hubby - watch this space!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Eve Kitten has now sold, thanks :)

Eve Kitten is now winging her way to her new home, thanks to all :)

Holly xoxo

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Eve Kitten is on Ebay (nude) ...

Yes, she is gorgeous, but she's more of a display doll than a play doll and as you know, I don't really 'do' display dolls, so she's going somewhere that she can do more good :)

I'm keeping her clothes though!

Click on the pic to follow the link to the auction...

Spam posting done...

Holly and the playful dollies xoxoxo

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas bounty revealed!!!

Yay, I'm finally able to get back online! The festive period has been so hectic I have not had a free moment for any dolly musings!

Anyway, enough chat here are the goodies...

Nooo silly... not those goodies!!! The Christmas goodies!

Here's what I got :)

My new Primadolly Ashlette Blythe. She has a very strong personality and told me right out of the box that her name is Squirrel (!?)...
Here she is cosplaying Kaylee from Firefly. She will not wear anything else at the time of typing O.O!

Chip also got me this teensy weensy miniature baby doll:

And also made all this lovely miniature food that the mini Blythes have been feasting on!

And although not strictly a doll, I love my Punzel, Satsuma:

I also got a new camera that's not as good but a lot more portable than my other camera and will fit in my handbag or pocket with ease.
Little Miss P got tons of Sylvanian Families stuff as well as:
The much longed for Pinky Dal

Candyglam Styling Head

Giant Bratz doll...

More Bratz!

Plus a mini baby and handmade food from Chip...

Even The Man got a doll of sorts in the form of this very cute crocheted Cthulu (also courtesy of Chip):

So yeah, so many dolls and so little time ^-^!
Hope Santa was good to you too!

Love Holly and the happy dollies xoxo

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year to everyone! Sorry about the lack of posting, I promise that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible :)

Holly and the frantic dollies xoxo