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Thursday, 18 December 2008

A new kind of paper doll...

The last few days have just been a whirlwind of Christmas preperations and taking care of Little Miss P, but finally I have chance to post again!

I made this little girl about a week ago but never got chance to photograph her. She's a new kind of non-dressable, jointed paper doll I made for fun :)


She doesn't have a name yet, I just call her 'Matey'!

Hope you are keeping well in the run up to the holidays!

Holly & the festive dollies xoxoxo

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting!!!

I know I've not kept the blog up to date the last few days, but the weekend is always hectic, not least of all before Christmas, also Little Miss P has been off school sick. She seems to be on the road to recovery now though...

See you on the other side of the busy tunnel (hopefully tomorrow)!

Holly xoxo

Friday, 12 December 2008

Dyanite Girl and Eve Kitten arrive!

Sorry for the poor quality pics, it is so dark here today, but I couldn't wait to start photographing the new girls!

First Jolly Jett...


Jett has been adopted by Little Miss P, and she is just so beautiful! I love almost everything about her right down to the little space between her toes!
My only complaint is that without her clothes she really looks like she could use a hearty meal (or actually, probably several hearty meals!).
Other than that though she is beautiful and so are her clothes (she also has a faux fur coat which isn't shown in my photo).
Little Miss P has been glued to her since her arrival and with good reason ^-^!

Next is my Eve Kitten...


I've always wanted a doll in the style of 'Tura Satana in Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill' my Eve Kitten fits the bill (or should that be Kilbill?) perfectly :)

I am slightly disappointed that she is not more poseable, she only moves at the shoulder joint, neck joint and hops joints I'm afraid, but her sheer presence makes up for that :)

She's a bad grrrrl and I love her!

Holly & the baddddd dollies xoxoxo

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The repro Sindies are here! - plus the tragic tale of the death of my first ever Sindy...


Good news! The postie arrived while I was at home!

Bad news! The package I received was not my Eve Kitten and Jett.

Good news! The package actually contained an internet radio I won in a competition!

Bad news! I think the post office must have a huge backlog because I'm waiting for several parcels which are now veerrrryyy late!

Good news! I did get some dolls in the mail! I got my repro Sindies!

One is a blondie wearing an entirely unseasonal sunsuit, while the other is a fully uniformed brunette nurse, so at least she can administer first aid when Blondie catches pneumonia!


These dolls were originally sold with a short-lived Sindy partworks magazine. On closer inspection I have to say that she looks the part despite being obviously cheaply made (and sometimes a even a bit grubby) in the pack. She's not a perfect replica, the plastics used look cheaper, she doesn't have rooted eyelashes and her body is different. But the outfits are nice and she does what I wanted her to, which is to remind me of the Sindies I had when I was a little girl, she does still have that Sindy character so I am very happy with them!

The Tragic Story of the Death of a Sindy

When I was very young every girl played with Sindy and no-one had Barbie. Much as I like Barbie, it seems a shame that little girls nowadays only seem to have the option to play with American dolls. Sindy always seemed to be portrayed as so... English!

The story of my first Sindy probably goes to explain my dolly obsession now;

The very first doll that I can ever remember having, at age three, was a blonde active Sindy in an ice skating outfit. I adored her, so naturally, decided to take her along with me on a family visit to my Great Auntie's house.
We didn't have a car in my family, so after a long and exciting visit we began our trek back through the town centre to catch the bus home.

Because I was only very small and quite tired I asked my Mum if she would carry my Sindy for me the rest of the way home (well, actually I probably whined my request!).
My Mum being a sensible woman who wished to instil responsibility into us, refused my request (or most likely demand) telling me that I had brought the doll so it was my job to carry her. However, being a cunning little minx I devised a sly plan to slip the poor dolly into my Mum's bag when no-one was looking.

I waited for my moment and when I thought her attention was elsewhere (observing a gap in the traffic so that we could cross a busy road) I tried to make the switch!
Unfortunately we also chose that moment to set off across the busy road. I dropped my Sindy who was promptly crushed flat by a bus before my very eyes!

Thus occurred my first dolly tragedy...

Although I was very upset, my family had very little money, and there were three of us children to support. I didn't get a replacement Sindy (a brunette in a pink swimsuit) until the following Christmas almost a full year later. Could this be the trauma induced root of my doll obsession? Who knows... there was also the tragedy of the 'My First Barbie' who got eaten by a neighbour's dog... and the toddler doll I had to wrestle from a thieveing horse... (yes I said horse)... but they're different stories! ^-^

Holly xoxo

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A tribute to the late, great Oliver Postgate

I was deeply saddened by the news of Oliver Postgate's death reported on the news this morning.

As a child brought up in the 70s and 80s I was raised on Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine and the Clangers. Even my dolly obsession can be partly placed on the shoulders of 'Smallfilms'; first with Madeline the rag doll in Bagpuss, but most influentially with the animation 'Tottie: the Story of a Dollshouse' based on the wonderful book by Rumer Godden.

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin were the fathers of the 'Golden Age of Childrens TV' and I will always be grateful for the enrichment they gave to my childhood, and the joy of storytelling and wonder that I still treasure to this day. And I am happy to say that my own daughter also enjoys their work even now.

I'd like to add though, that wonderful as this work is, I was unaware if the political and social campaigning and commentary that Mr Postgate dedicated his later life to. I would certainly recommend that you take a look at his own website at http://www.oliverpostgate.co.uk/ if you haven't already.

Holly xoxoxo

Monday, 8 December 2008

New curvy paper doll outfit - Morgana inspired gown.

We've been watching 'Merlin' on BBC every Saturday evening. I wouldn't say that it's wonderful, but it fits the family, fantasy entertainment mold nicely for us all to watch together, and will have to do until Dr Who returns at least :)

Some of the dresses worn by Morgana in the show are rather nice too. The costumers seem to have gone via the same route as they did for the 'Robin Hood' series and gone for a modern spin on period costume rather than direct authenticity.

The dress you see below is very loosely based on one worn by Morgana in the last episode.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Holly & the magical dollies xoxoxo

New BE Goths revealed!

BE Goths have posted pics of their upcoming series 8 dolls:

I look forward to seeing them in the flesh when they arrive at 'The Last Picture Show' like they normally do, and to see more pics.

I'm loving Greta Vendetta, and Gloria's Egyptian look is nice :) Little Miss P is interested in ancient Egypt so I think that'll be right up her street!

Holly xoxo

Friday, 5 December 2008

My pick of the doll auctions for charity on Ebay

I have highlighted just a handful of the Ebay auctions for dolls where a percentage of the takings goes to charity. I picked them because I thought that they were interesting items but there are lots more to choose from LOOK!
Holly and the shopaholic dollies xoxoxo

Postman waiting apathy...

I am waiting for the postman. He's meant to be on his way and delivering all manner of dolly goodness, repro Sindies, an Eve Kitten, a Jett and a Dynamite Girls outfit.

But he's not here yet and I can't settle to anything, so sorry for the lack of constructive posting but I'm too fidgety to concentrate!

See you later ^-^!

Holly and the dollies xoxo

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Twilight Dolls from Tonner revealed!

Everyone seems to be very excited bout all this Twilight business but I have to admit I had never even heard of it recently. Perhaps this means I'm getting old... perhaps it means I'm ALREADY old!?... I will be 34 in a matter of weeks... I'd better buy some fluffy bootee slippers and Werthers Original!

Anyway, if you know all about it perhaps you'll appreciate the dolls more than I :)

Holly and the baffled dollies xoxoxo

New curvy paper doll outfit - Shelter charity tee

Shelter is a UK charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. They achieve this by giving advice, information and advocacy to people in housing need, and by campaigning for lasting political change to end the housing crisis for good.

Homelessness does not only affect single people, even whole families with young children can find themselves forced into a position of living rough or in poor quality temporary accomodation through no fault of their own. This puts them in danger or risks the splitting up of children from their parents.

If you like this paper doll outfit (or even if you don't!) then please consider visiting http://england.shelter.org.uk/ and consider taking action to help with campaigning or making a small donation to help people in need this Christmas and beyond :)

Now enjoy the papery goodness!

Holly and the dollies xoxoxo

More drama in the Bratz vs Barbie catfight!

A federal judge has apparently declared Bratz to be the property of Mattel and has therefore is the legal owner of the line and has the right to recall all unsold Bratz.

According to Toy News Online The court order, which represents a major victory for Mattel, says MGA may no longer manufacture, sell, advertise or license its core lineup of Bratz dolls or any other product with the Bratz name.

Both companies are due to meet in court in February and the ban will not begin before that date... dollies wait with baited breath (or would if they could breathe...

Holly and the warring dollies xoxo

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Meet Charvi a Bengali lady with Saree

Bengali Bridal Couple Dolls

The inspiration for this paper doll came from a party I was at on Saturday. My good friend, S, was having an anniversary party. Being of Bengali descent she wore the most beautiful saree and I was so jealous I had to make my own ^-^, lol!!!
Appropriately enough I also discovered this very cute Bengali Bridal couple of dolls while looking for reference pics :)

So meet Charvi, a lovely Bengali lady of the same proportions as my other curvy girls, Libby and Alyssa, so she can wear the same clothes as them.

Neither the doll or the saree actually resemble my friend or the lovely dress she wore, they are merely a tribute (cue guitar solo...)



Holly xoxoxo

The Another Day Another Doll Flickr Group is open now!

I have started a Flickr Group for Another Day Another Doll. It's open to all doll lovers to join and post their dolls be they paper, vinyl, resin, wax, porcelain or anything else!

You are welcome to join in :)

Another Day, Another Doll. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Holly and the Flickrite dollies xoxoxo

Q Pot revealed!

Ta daaaaaaaa!

New dolls from Gina Garan and Christina Gordon exclusive to Henri Bendel

I had to share the cuteness of these new Bendel dolls created exclusively for Henri Bendel Boutique by celebrated international doll designers Gina Garan (of 'This Is Blythe' fame and Christina Gordon of Jamfancy fame... Each doll is 17” tall and available in a limited edition of 250 (individually numbered). Priced at $68 a piece they're pretty reasonably priced too considering the low number produced :)

->CLICK HERE<- to visit the Henri Bendel shop to see more.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Final design for the new Primadolly Blythes!

Date Available: December 5, 2008.Price: 8,400 yen.

I'm glad they've decided to make new versions of these Primadolly favourites. Violetina's hair has me swooning! It would have been nice if they'd used the radiance mold for Ashletina and Violetina though, otherwise there's not a whole lot of difference from the originals :(

Cute girls though, and this is not doing anything to quell the urge to search for and open my Christmas prezzies while my hubby is working =D

24 days to my Ashlette!

Holly and the counting dollies xoxoxo

New petite Blythe for the new year Cocoa Butter

Continuing on with the new year themed petites each year following on from Inossy and Chu Chu Chan comes Cocoa Butter.

Never has the phrase 'she's a total cow!' been used in such a positive context ^-^!

This supercute girl is due for release on the 19th of December from Junie Moon and will cost approximately 2,625 Yen.

First Week of Advent Gown

As yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent I have decided to mark the occasion with this lovely Advent gown for my curvy dolls (e.g. Alyssa and Libby).


Purple is the colour of the liturgical season of Advent, and the pattern is taken from a photo of clouds I had taken, tinted purple, it seemed appropriate since our thoughts are meant to be focused heavanwards in this season.

The outfit also includes an evergreen crown spotted with red berries, and she holds a lighted candle.

In case you wish to make your own Advent wreath then click ->HERE<-

I also discovered a lovely Advent blog ->HERE<-
Holly and the anticipating dollies xoxo