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Monday, 16 June 2008

Hasbro awarded Strawberry Shortcake License

It seems that Hasbro have taken over from American Greeting Properties to gain the licenses for both Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears.

A new line of scented Strawberry Shortcake dolls is scheduled for release by Autumn 2009.

Friday, 13 June 2008

New Momoko release for June is Berry Hunter

Due for release this month by Momoko is the adorable Berry Hunter. I'm loving the shirt :)

50% off Princess Ai Dolls at the BE goths website

I have purchased a couple of these myself. The face is nice and the bodies are exactly the same as BE goths (a bit like a vintage busty Barbie).

My main complaint with the dolls is the costumes, which tend to stain the dolls quite nastily...

Still nice to collect and tend to have interesting shoes if nothing else :)

Click on the picture to visit the site...

Holly xoxo

Bratz vs Mattel the trial continues...

In this ongoing saga the witness taking the stand today was Bratz creator and fromer Barbie designer Carter Bryant.

According to Toy News Online, while admitting that he had signed a contract with Mattel giving them all rights to his creations, he didn't have "much of an understanding" of it at the time, and that employees working on side contracts was commonplace in the company.

For the full story follow the link...


Holly xoxo

Thursday, 12 June 2008

New Toy Museum in Cumbria

There is a new toy museum open in Carlisle - for the full story please click on the picture :)
Holly xoxoxo

New Doll Photo "Second Hand"

This is my entry for the Flickr "Monthly Scavenger Hunt Group" challenge for July for the theme "second hand".


I'm quite pleased with it :)

Precocious Candy's Mushroom Blythe animation.

Fancy a Barrack Obama doll?

Allegedly German dollmakers have prduced a limited run of 999 Obama dolls selling in their Puppenklinik shop in Neuss. The dolls sell for $219 each.

If you feel you cannot live without this particular item then click on the doll to visit the shop.
Personally I prefer the following handmade version I have just stumbled upon in Flickr:

New Jun Planning Dolls Announced for September

The Jun Planning dolls scheduled to be released in September are as follows:

Pullip "Cinciallegra"

Taeyang "Jade"

Dal "Tezca"

J-Doll "Old Church Street"

So many dolls so little cash! =D

Although if you are in the UK you could do what I do and earn a little cashback for purchases from retailers including YesAsia, forbidden planet and Ebay follow this link for details (yep I do get points for this but hey, don't judge me, there's dolls to be bought!):

Join Rpoints for free now to claim your £5 welcome bonus

Holly xoxo

Blythe News Update

The page for the 7th anniversary event has been updated including a new animation.
Check it out here:

Holly xoxo

Monday, 9 June 2008

Cute Alice in Wonderland dress up game for you to play :)

I didn't make this game so no kudos to me, but thought that you might like playing it anyway :)

Holly xoxo

Click to Play!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sweet Secrets Dolls

7-year-old Little Miss P and I have recently become fans of these adorable little "Sweet Secrets" dolls. They measure only about 2 inches tall and come in these tiny lipstick cases and with little compact accessory sets. They cost less than a fiver and pack a lot of cute into a diminutive package.

The cases are actually not very well designed as the doll's hair tends to stick out, also they clip onto your bag or wherever by a clip on the lid, the lid could easily pop off and you would have lost your doll!

Despite this they're definitely worth investing in, especially if your cash-strapped and space restricted, they're also freely available from most high street toy stores :)

While looking for more info on these girls online I also discovered that Sweet Secrets is also the name of an old 80s toy by Galoob, I don't actually remember them despite my age but here's a nostalgic advert for you :)

Holly, Little Miss P and the Sweet Secrets girls Sarah and Dinks.

Space Age exhibition at Weston Park Museum Sheffield

We visited this exhibition at Weston Park Museum yesterday. The reason I have mentioned it here is because it is an exhibition that tackles science, design and popular culture so there are plenty of toys to see including ET toys, Clangers, Starwars toys, Star Trek figures and also a display of sci-fi and space themed Barbies, Sindies, Action Men and so on. Not a huge exhibition but definitely worth a look and it's free!!!

I would have liked to have included some pictures but the staff wouldn't allow it *tsk*...

Click on the pic below for more details about the exhibition which runs until August the 31st :)

Holly xoxo

Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother 9 - cruelty to dolls!

I was so excited about the launch of Big Brother 9 yesterday. Yes, it is hard to publicly make this admission, but then I live a sheltered life and have to make friends vicariously where I can. XD

My excitement suddenly turned to horror however as Davina was showing us around the house.
I was forced to witness outright cruelty! I speak not of cruelty to the contestants who at least willingly signed up for whatever takes place to them in the BB house, but rather cruelty to scores of innocent dolls!

If you don't believe me I have proof:

(Viewers of a sensitive nature may want to look away now... )

We at Dinky Divas (human and dolls alike) are all disgusted and I doubt the girls will sleep for a week (so it's lucky that they are only made of plastic really!)

Holly xoxo

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Free video tutorial for mini folk art doll at Milliande.com

Ooooh I was just checking out You Tube and stumbled across this absolutely adorable and simply beautiful miniature folk art doll. Best of all the site includes is a detailed free video tutorial of how to make one of these gorgeous little sweeties yourself!

Click on the photo to visit the site, you won't be disappointed :)

Holly xoxo