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Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Brother 9 - cruelty to dolls!

I was so excited about the launch of Big Brother 9 yesterday. Yes, it is hard to publicly make this admission, but then I live a sheltered life and have to make friends vicariously where I can. XD

My excitement suddenly turned to horror however as Davina was showing us around the house.
I was forced to witness outright cruelty! I speak not of cruelty to the contestants who at least willingly signed up for whatever takes place to them in the BB house, but rather cruelty to scores of innocent dolls!

If you don't believe me I have proof:

(Viewers of a sensitive nature may want to look away now... )

We at Dinky Divas (human and dolls alike) are all disgusted and I doubt the girls will sleep for a week (so it's lucky that they are only made of plastic really!)

Holly xoxo

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