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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sweet Secrets Dolls

7-year-old Little Miss P and I have recently become fans of these adorable little "Sweet Secrets" dolls. They measure only about 2 inches tall and come in these tiny lipstick cases and with little compact accessory sets. They cost less than a fiver and pack a lot of cute into a diminutive package.

The cases are actually not very well designed as the doll's hair tends to stick out, also they clip onto your bag or wherever by a clip on the lid, the lid could easily pop off and you would have lost your doll!

Despite this they're definitely worth investing in, especially if your cash-strapped and space restricted, they're also freely available from most high street toy stores :)

While looking for more info on these girls online I also discovered that Sweet Secrets is also the name of an old 80s toy by Galoob, I don't actually remember them despite my age but here's a nostalgic advert for you :)

Holly, Little Miss P and the Sweet Secrets girls Sarah and Dinks.

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