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Monday, 27 October 2008

Doll of the Day - Will from Witch


Doll of the day is Will from the series Witch. She's part of my own collection :)

Standing about 6 inches high Will and her friends can still be picked up quite easily in the bargain bins of many toy stores, though stocks finally seem to be depleting :)

She's a very cute little girl with very big eyes, a very big smile and very big shoes!
Witch is one of the better kids animated shows to come from outside of Japan, though it is obviously very influenced by popular Japanese anime shows such as Sailor Moon.
Who'd have thought such a humble bargain basement doll could star in a blog post?
It just goes to show that... where there's a Will there's a way!
**ducks to avoid missiles hurled in retribution for the terrible pun!**
Holly xoxo

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