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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Fancy a Frosty Frock? Blythe news!

Frosty frock? Sounds rather chilly to me, but look at this picture and it's sure to warm the cockles of your heart :)

Neo Blythe "Frosty Frock" is ready for the holidays with her cream colored outfit.The fluffy trim on her dress, hat and cape looks cozy and warm.Her curly short hair with pink blush make her look seasonally cheerful.

The package is based on light pink with Gingermen and gift boxes making her a perfect Christmas gift!

Face Type: Superior
Skin Type: Regular
Make-up: Eye shadow- light brown, Lips- pink, Blush- pink
Eye Color: Stock
Hair Color: light yellowish blonde
Eyelid: Stock
Eyelashes: Stock
Nails: No Enamel
Earrings: No earrings

The set includes: Doll, hat, cape, dress, underwear, boots, and stand.
Date Available: November 21, 2008Price: 10,290 yen

Not only that, but it has been announced that the good people at Blythe HQ will be running a photo contest named "My Decorated Frosty Frock!". All you have to do is style your Frosty Frock and upload the photo to the "Blythe Art Forum" at Members Salon in December.

Click on Frosty's picture to get the full story :)

Holly xoxo

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