Duke Special

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hi dolly we're home!

Okay, strictly speaking I haven't actually been anywhere as such, just absent from cyberspace! Life since Christmas has been a hectic whirlwind but now I am back, and what's more, I bring dolls!

Well... one new doll anyway, my new Tiny Betsy McCall, Peggy...


I'd been admiring Tiny Betsies from afar for some time, but kept restraining myself from an actual purchase as I am very prone to buyer's remorse!
Now that she has arrived however she really is quite lovely, although one thing that's bothering me a bit is her lips. I'm sure they're slightly further right than they should be. This niggle will go one of two ways; either bug the heck out of me until I fix it, or end up making her seem even more endearing than she does now!

We'll have to wait and see, though I am erring to the endearing side right now :)

Holly and the tiny dollies xoxoxo

PS I am also working on a new printable paper doll as well as a possible Flash based dress up game in collaboration with my hubby - watch this space!


  1. ohhh....I have her as well
    she's one of the only 2 Betsy I have but I love them and I would like to get also the BJD version.

  2. Holly! Happy New Year! Oh, look at this little cutie. Honestly, I don't see the lip thing, but maybe it's more noticeable in person. She is truly adorable, and if she ends up having a sort of "Hmmmmm" (with lips to the side) expression, all the more cuter. :)

    And I loved looking at all the lovely additions you got from Santa and Chip. WOW! Holy moly, that is one giant Bratz doll! Loads of fun.

  3. Thanks for the comments, folks!

    I love the way the BJD Betsy looks, and would love to photograph her, but I'm not overly fond on owning resin dolls because they always feel so cold, lol!

    And happy new year to you too Bella, and big as she is, can you believe Little Miss P took the giant Bratz in the bath with her, lol!?