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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas bounty revealed!!!

Yay, I'm finally able to get back online! The festive period has been so hectic I have not had a free moment for any dolly musings!

Anyway, enough chat here are the goodies...

Nooo silly... not those goodies!!! The Christmas goodies!

Here's what I got :)

My new Primadolly Ashlette Blythe. She has a very strong personality and told me right out of the box that her name is Squirrel (!?)...
Here she is cosplaying Kaylee from Firefly. She will not wear anything else at the time of typing O.O!

Chip also got me this teensy weensy miniature baby doll:

And also made all this lovely miniature food that the mini Blythes have been feasting on!

And although not strictly a doll, I love my Punzel, Satsuma:

I also got a new camera that's not as good but a lot more portable than my other camera and will fit in my handbag or pocket with ease.
Little Miss P got tons of Sylvanian Families stuff as well as:
The much longed for Pinky Dal

Candyglam Styling Head

Giant Bratz doll...

More Bratz!

Plus a mini baby and handmade food from Chip...

Even The Man got a doll of sorts in the form of this very cute crocheted Cthulu (also courtesy of Chip):

So yeah, so many dolls and so little time ^-^!
Hope Santa was good to you too!

Love Holly and the happy dollies xoxo


  1. this is a cute blog about cute dolls! have great day, holly :-)

  2. Thanks for the comment, hope you have a great day too! ^-^!

  3. wow, I like everything but I think your child got the better deal ;-) I love the pinky Dal and the giant Bratz!
    argghhhh....this is the third time I try to send this post, let' see now