Duke Special

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

New dolls from Gina Garan and Christina Gordon exclusive to Henri Bendel

I had to share the cuteness of these new Bendel dolls created exclusively for Henri Bendel Boutique by celebrated international doll designers Gina Garan (of 'This Is Blythe' fame and Christina Gordon of Jamfancy fame... Each doll is 17” tall and available in a limited edition of 250 (individually numbered). Priced at $68 a piece they're pretty reasonably priced too considering the low number produced :)

->CLICK HERE<- to visit the Henri Bendel shop to see more.


  1. who's hooking whom on expensive dolls??? I love them !!! I have a soft spot for cloth dolls but 68 dollar is aomething like 45 euros mmhhh mumble mumble.

  2. Muahahaha revenge is mine!!! ^-^!!!

    They are very lovely aren't they? I know they're not cheap but, but they are very limited... and very cute of course!

    I will try to censor posts in future if you like =D...

    Holly xoxo

  3. no, no, please...I can always use some "ideas" for the gifts my husband HAS to give me LOL.
    I'm already planning what I could ask in 3 years for my 40th birthay (he should start saving now)...ups....I meant my 24th of course LOL

  4. That is very organised planning, much Kudos to you! I will taunt you with dollies without inhibition in that case! PS. I now have a Dynamite girl AND an Eve Kitten on the way and I insist that it's all your fault and I cannot be held responsible in any way! ;D

    Holly xoxoxo

  5. but did you see Gavin (another Dynamite girl)? and Jett with black hair? They are both lovely.
    My fault? I don't own any Eve Kitten :-D

  6. I did, and I was mightily tempted by the dark haired Jett but I couldn't get her in the UK and I get nervy about parcels coming from the US they go missing too often :(. The one I ordered is the Jett with platinum blonde hair and the festive red party dress and fur coat.

    The Eve Kitten is called 'Surrealist' and has long black hair and PVC corset O.o!!!

    I guess you're right I can't blame you so I'll blame... errr... my dog! Yes, my dog made me do it haha, covered my tracks again! =D