Duke Special

Friday, 12 December 2008

Dyanite Girl and Eve Kitten arrive!

Sorry for the poor quality pics, it is so dark here today, but I couldn't wait to start photographing the new girls!

First Jolly Jett...


Jett has been adopted by Little Miss P, and she is just so beautiful! I love almost everything about her right down to the little space between her toes!
My only complaint is that without her clothes she really looks like she could use a hearty meal (or actually, probably several hearty meals!).
Other than that though she is beautiful and so are her clothes (she also has a faux fur coat which isn't shown in my photo).
Little Miss P has been glued to her since her arrival and with good reason ^-^!

Next is my Eve Kitten...


I've always wanted a doll in the style of 'Tura Satana in Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill' my Eve Kitten fits the bill (or should that be Kilbill?) perfectly :)

I am slightly disappointed that she is not more poseable, she only moves at the shoulder joint, neck joint and hops joints I'm afraid, but her sheer presence makes up for that :)

She's a bad grrrrl and I love her!

Holly & the baddddd dollies xoxoxo


  1. ooOOOOOoo! Look at these beauties! They are MUCH better than your run of the mill American Barbie!

  2. Thankyou ^-^! They are lovely aren't they? I've got the 'new dolly' thing where you can't help but just gaze at them dreamily ^-^!