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Friday, 5 September 2008

Flickr Harvest of Perfekta Yes/No dolls...

Good day!

I've been having an explore of Flickr for Perfekta Yes/No dolls and the mosaic you see below consists of every single picture I could find. Sorry some are a bit graphic (dolly guts ewww....) but hey, it's educational :)

Thankyou to all the photographers involved :)


1. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 2. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 3. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 4. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 5. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 6. Perfekta "Yes-No" Doll, 7. My Yes/No Minny Collection, 8. DSCF0030

By the way, currently I am working on an online dress up doll based on Apple that will hopefully be fun.

Ciao for now!

Holly & Apple xoxoxox

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