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Sunday, 7 September 2008

New cute little Barbie Petites... modern Kiddles?

So... Little Miss P and I were watching tv the other day when we happened across an ad for a new dolly. The Barbie Petite ( or Peek-a-boo petites) as they seem to be called in the US.

They actually appear pretty adorable, perhaps they have been taking hints from Petite Blythes and Pullips?

I couldn't find the actual ad but here's a couple of related videos and the relevant section of the Barbie website :)

There's also another vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb4YOA7hXl4
But the poster has disabled embedding so you'll have to click on the link :)

To access the official website click the pic below:

And speaking of Petites I recently discovered that Jun Planning are starting to make Little Pullips again, you know, the mini ones? And if that wasn't enough there'll even be Little Dals!!!


Holly & Apple xoxoxo


  1. Hi, does anyone actually know where I can buy these dolls from? my daughter has seen the ad on tv so many times, and I have looked everywhere with no luck..... hmmm

  2. Also Asda and ToysRUS :)

    Holly xoxo