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Monday, 22 September 2008

Release Your Inner Goddess!

I was delighted today to discover a new and wonderful doll called Sophia Dolls, designed by Beverly Ann Danusis.

Unlike the idealised stereotypes some well known fashion dolls present to us, the idea behind Sophia Dolls is a doll based on your inner Goddess (based on Greek mythology). Each doll is inspired by the girl or woman's core values and personality and these dolls are REALISTICALLY PROPORTIONED!!!!

From conducting workshops helping women with low self esteem and self image Beverly Ann was inspired to fill a gaping hole in the market and create these dolls, which are designed to be self-esteem tools and modes of self expression rather than mere playthings (though playing is always fun of course :)

You can even take a quiz on the website to help you decide which doll to choose.

The website did strike me as being a bit over the top and new-agey but it certainly can't be denied (by me at least) that this more realistic and attainable representation of feminine beauty and power is very welcome and LONG overdue, although the $99 price tag makes me wonder how many young girls will actually have the benefit from them.

Click on the picture above to visit the official SophiaDoll website :)

Holly xoxo

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