Duke Special

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

New arrival!!! Meet Truffle...

New dolly days are always the best days, the excitement of the postie's arrival, the struggling with the tape on the package, the unwrapping, the 'new dolly' aroma... dolly people, you know what I'm talking about! Non-dolly people you don't know what you're missing ^-^!

I'd been itching to adopt a new petite Blythe for a while now, so when this girl popped up on a certain evil auction site I knew I had to have her!

Meet my Charlotte Champignon, 'Truffle'...


I never even liked mushrooms until now ^-^!!!

Holly and the elated dollies ^-^! xoxoxo


  1. Dollie days are the BEST! Love your sweet little girl! She's adorable! I always feel like I NEED a new dollie!

  2. Look at her eyes! Oh, so adorable. Very coy thing, isn't she!

  3. Thanks for the comments! She is so sweet, you can't go wrong with a Petite Blythe ^-^!

    She is pretty coy, not like some of my other dollies who only pretend to be! :P

  4. I live for dolly days! Last week I got a dolly surprise in the mail from my boyfriend--Aloha Petite Blythe. I decided to leave her in her darling box so that I will have one unopened Petite Blythe...at least for now :-)