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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Thinning out my doll collection...

I have been thinking about this for some time, but with all the re-evaluation that Lent brings I have decided to thin out my doll collection. I will be putting up the following for adoption:

Pullip Withered nude (sand semi-matted, her eyebrows are drawn on in pencil and can be wiped off and redrawn/painted by you if you wish :), Obitsu body)
Dal Sooni nude(stock)
Brunette Repro Sindy nude
Vintage Perfekta Yes/No doll in original outfit.


Holly and the prioritising dollis xoxo


  1. Awwwww, how sad. Some of the girls don't look too happy about it either. :(

    I saw this news item this morning and immediately thought of you:

  2. Hi Bella, thanks for the link :) I can understand the anti-Barbie argument's point of view, but I don't think you can blame the dolls. I don't think this kind of censorship is the answer to tackling distorted body image and materialism as this is endemic throughout society, and you'd have to ban sales of all kinds of movies, books, magazines, music, clothing and all manner of items, as well as censor all advertising if you started along this route, getting onto very dangerous territory!

    In my experience dolls are, have been and always will be used to express a girl's inner self which has everything to do with who she is and the way she is raised and very little to do with what manufacturers and marketing companies prescribe. Just because Mattel suggest that Barbie is primarily interested in fashion, shopping and the beach, doesn't mean the child will obey this stereotype slavishly. My experience with dolls and play both as a girl and a mother is that any given fashion doll is just as likely to enact stories as a mother, nun, spy, action heroine, vitorian lady, fairy queen, mermaid, police officer, magician, school teacher, warrior woman or vet as she is to be a mall rat or supermodel! What kids take from any experience is only indicative of the input that they receive from the significant people in their lives! If we don't discuss these issues with our kids, and I mean discuss and not lecture and talk at our kids, about these issues but leave it to the media then that is when they are in danger to of being unduly influenced. In fact my daughter HATES the 'person' Barbie and Bratz are portrayed as being, she finds it embarrassing, and vaccuous but she loves to actually make up adventures for and play with her dolls. I think we are doing our girls a real dis-service if we think they are so weak minded as to be controlled by a lump of plastic and an advertising campaign!

    I do find it objectionable though that Barbie is a vary narrow and idealized representation of beauty though, and that certainly is unhealthy, but banning her is no use to anyone unless you are actually going to introduce more realistic and diverse alternatives! I found it particularly telling that the Mattel High School Musical dolls seem to have produced every cast member apart from Martha, the heavier girl!

    Sorry, I got on my soapbox again, *blushes*

    Holly xoxo

  3. Very interesting editorial, and very well said. Seems you've given this some thought, and I agree with you 100%. :D

  4. Hi Holly, hope you are ok and up to no good.
    Kim xx

  5. Thanks Bella, it shows huh? Lol!

    Kim, hi you! Yep, I'm fine thanks, apart from the flippin' weather! Hope you are too!

    Holly xoxo