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Monday, 9 March 2009

The obligatory weekend catch-up post...

Let me see, let me see... *scratches head thoughtfully*

On friday Cookie and I went to town.

The only dolly news of note was the fact that for some reason 'Schuh' have taken to using their own mocked up 'Schuh' fashion dolls in their displays... I would have taken photos but I was about the only person in there so I felt a tad conspicuous ^-^!

Other than that I bought a cool kitschy craft book and real ale and chip butties were enjoyed by all ^-^!


On Saturday Little Miss P went to the theatre with my parents, so that gave Fezz and I ample opportunity to go and see 'Watchmen'. Fezz is a big Alan Moore fan, I would be if I ever seemed to have time to sit down and read... The film wasn't completely devoid of merit, they'd obviously tried really hard, but they'd tried so hard to cram everything in that being such an epic and multiliayerd tale it was never really going to fit. I think it had little chance of working properly as a movie because it's simply not suited to the format. It was nice to see a non-PG rated film for a change though ^-^!

I bet you thought I'd have problems finding a dolly angle on this didn't you? Well actually I can rely on the, frankly brilliant, Liana at Liana's Paper Doll Blog to bail me out with a Silk Spectre paper doll costume ^_^!!! (Clicky here to go there)...

There's also some cool modded Watchmen action fiures to be seen here: http://www.watchmencomicmovie.com/watchmen-custom-action-figures.php

Proceeding on to Sunday... I may have accidentally splashed on a Barbie petite club doll and a bargain Barbie in a damaged box. Yes I am very bad and have no self control!


We also watched the final part of the live action movie adaptation of 'Death Note'. I really enjoyed it, I think I'll have to invest in the graphic novels! L is awesome, I am so tempted to get a Taeyang and make him L! In the meantime I wouldn't mind this guy keeping me company :)


  1. I have no self control either :-) so you are in good company

  2. Indeed we should form a dolly addiction club ^-^!
    "My name is Holly and I am a doll-a-holic." that kind of thing...