Duke Special

Friday, 27 March 2009

Barbie revisits Star Trek for the upcoming new movie!

I've been anticipating the release of this movie for what seems like ages now. I'm interested to see Sylar's interpretation of Spock, and Simon Pegg as Scottie!? How cool is that? ^-^!

What I wasn't expecting, however was that Barbie would be getting in on the act, but it seems Mattel have been on the ball here and produced a new line of Star Trek dolls to go with the new movie.

Now, if only Tonner would hurry up with those Dr Who/Torchwood dolls and someone would make some Firefly dolls we'd be on track ^-^!

Holly xoxo


  1. I have the old Barbie Star Trek set and I'm tempted by the new dolls, but I was hoping they would resemble more the characters from the original TV show.

  2. I am sooooo excited about this film too! We've been geeking the kids out with old episodes of DS9 & Enterprise - who'd figure that they'd both love them! So, I think we'll have a family outing when the film is released.
    Kim xx

  3. Yeah, me too! I'm so lucky Phoebe is a geek too ^-^!

  4. at the very mention of firefly dolls my heart went pitter-pat! i would buy all the wash lol. also i just have to say that the star trek movie was amazing!!!