Duke Special

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Good morning! Adorable dolly discoveries...

With all the blog hopping I've been doing lately I have stumbled upon many wonderful and creative people (which is the idea after all ^-^!) so, over the next few days, I'm going to share with you some of the wonders I have stumbled upon! Hmmm... stumbled upon, I seem to use that phrase all the time, there must ba another way to say it (where's my thesaurus!?).

Anyway look at these!

I completely fell in love with these necklaces made of tiny vintage bisque dollies from the Cetta Cheese Chatter blog, just too adorable, and what a lovely blog too ^-^!

Holly and the enchanted dollies xoxo


  1. Don't you think that dolliw looks a little peevish? Like she's thinking....say I'm cute and when you put me on I'll strangle you with the chain... Very creative though. How's the snow situation?
    Kim xx

  2. Errrmmm... I hadn't... until now O.O!
    The snow is mostly... snowy. And compacted. And we're forecast to get more! Sorry about Andy's leg btw, but if he will be all macho what can you expect!?
    Don't encourage him to customize dolls as an alternative. It simply is too hazardous!

    Holly xoxo