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Monday, 9 February 2009

Tooth fairy pillow doll tutorial...

Teeth have been on my mind a lot lately... no I don't have an dolly positioned mouth, it's just that Little Miss P keeps losing hers, and on top of that, today is toothache day and the day of St Apollonia patron saint of dentistry.

For all the above reasons then I am featuring a lovely free pattern and tutorial to make a pretty matrioshka style tooth fairy pillow doll from the lovely blog Goody-goody (click on the pic to visit the site).

Or why not stop by the Crafty In Coffeeland blog to take a peek at the cute little St Apollonia tooth fairy alternative pictured there for ideas :)

Holly and the toothy dollies xoxoxo

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  1. How precious! I want to make one of these just to have on my desk! Thanks for the pattern!