Duke Special

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

How cute is this couple?


I've been so busy with Little Miss P being off school that I really haven't had time to update the blog in any way. All I really have to share is this picture of the bride and groom at my best friend's wedding last Saturday ^-^!

Hopefully I'll have chance to post something more substantial soon ^-^!

Holly and te exhausted dollies xoxoxo


  1. How adorable!!! They kind-of remind me the "Arthur" cartoon , but way cuter!

  2. Just adorable. Did you have a hand in picking out the dolls.

  3. Oh!!! That is way adorable! And he's even carrying her. They must have had a very fun wedding. And that's a very cool book you found above!

  4. Thanks for the comments! And no, I didn't help choose the dolls, I just have friends with great taste ^-^!

    Holly xoxo