Duke Special

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A unique and enchanting doll book...

Little Miss P and I were browsing in the poetry section of the library earlier when we unearthed a lovely book called 'Sitting Pretty: A Celebration of Black Dolls' by Dinah Johnson and Myles C. Pinkney.

Each page features a lovely photograph of a doll, or small group of dolls and a poem or description concerning the doll. The styles vary from folky, to ethnic to sophisticated to commercial but they all have something to say. We enjoyed exploring the book and it's definitely worth a look if you get the chance :)

For a link to the book on Amazon click below :)


  1. How neat! I love books like this! Thanks for the link and the glimpse inside the book!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I love books about dolls almost as much as the dolls themselves!

  3. ohhhh, It looks really nice, you made me want it :-)

  4. Glad to bring it to your attention, I thught you might appreciate it ^-^!

    Holly xoxo