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Monday, 24 November 2008

Autumn Fairy new paper doll and story...

Hello, we've emerged at the far end of the weekend and yet again I have been neglectful in my posting!
I haven't been completely idle though, I have written the first short story that I have attempted in about 10 years... literally!

The story concerns magic and fairies so I was inspired to create this new Autumn Fairy paper doll. Her dress is also available in a pale skinned version to fit the Padme doll, also available to print or download on my site :)

The doll:

The Story...


a story by Holly aka Dinky Diva

In the deepest woods, where your mother told you not to venture, magic is taking place. Not your common or garden magic that you see every day, not the magic of raising a loaf or catching the sun on your face, but real magic... wood magic.

Trees are funny things, standing to attention when you look at them, they like to whisper when your back is turned. The trees of the wildwood are not like the dozy, well mannered trees of the gardens and avenues. They chortle and grumble and fidget until their leaves fly in all directions like golden brown snowflakes.

It was among this wildwoods that I saw them that day. Fairies are not easy to spot, your eyes can pass over them in a snap without you ever knowing. To see fairies you must look with your mind...

First there is only the silent mist, chilling your feet and dampening the moss on the old trunks, but if you are patient, and if they want to be seen it can happen. It did for me...

It begins with a spark, faint at first and tricksome, like when you catch the glimpse of a star from the corner of your eye that somehow blinks out with a full on gaze. But, if your eyes don't try to hold on to it, the spark glows and brightens until it fills your eyes with its bonfire light.

Look away now and you'll lose it, but endeavour not to blink and nor will they... two bright eyes, like conkers, shining out from beneath a matt of autumnal, spiky hair twinned with a grin made for mischief and the fleetness of... ... she's gone.

In the wildwood magic is taking place. But don't go there... your mother told you not to.



  1. Love the coloring -- and the story! :)

  2. Thanks very much again! I had fun doing something a little bit different :)

    Holly xoxo

  3. I love making paper dolls - it's been fun to make it into a little business!

  4. Hi Angela and thanks for the comment. I checked out your site and your paper dolls are just adorable! Very sweet faces :)

    Holly xoxo