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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Finally the weekend booty is revealed!!!

Sorry I didn't get chance to show you what I'd been buying yesterday. Despite it being officially daytime the sky tended to disagree and dingy photos were the result.

Although conditions aren't ideal today the results are a little better :)

In case you've been waiting with bated breath, here's what I bought at the weekend :)


A gift from Little Miss P :)


A new dress for the girls...


A family of Dam trolls rescued from the RSPCA shop...


A cute little folkdoll trinket pot from another charity shop...

I've had some good luck finding cute items at charity shops lately, but I hear on the radio that less people are donating goods at the moment and they're quite desperate for new stuff to sell. So please, if you have any spare items of bric-a-brac or clothing, why not take them to your nearest charity shop? It's a lot more environmentally friendly than landfill too!

Holly & the charity shop dollies xoxo

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