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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Weekend slackness strikes again!

Weekend posting slackness strikes again... only it's not really so much slackness as downright busy-ness (she says, desperately trying to excuse her inaction!).

No really! I was shopping in Rotherham on Saturday, so I do have some new dolly purchases to share. Then today, after church, first Little Miss P decided to order her very first Momoko, 'Wild and Sexy Tune', with the Christmas money from her Grandma, and then we ended up in Meadowhall. I made yet more dolly purchases, not the least of which was the new 'Barbie in A Christmas Carol' DVD. Little Miss P and I just got finished watching it and it's most cute and lovely in a predictable, sentimental and sweet kind of a way :) If you enjoyed the other Barbie movies (which you'll either love or HATE!) this one will certainly not disappoint :)

Good news was, that alone the DVD is £13.99 but as a double box set you can get it with 'Barbie in The Nutcracker' DVD for only £1 more. We bought it from Zavvi but I'm presuming you can get the box set elsewhere, great value :) We also spotted the Christmas Carol Eden doll in Toys R Us and she's very cute, we especially loved her extravagant dress!

I'll reveal the dolly purchases tomorrow when there's enough light to photograph them...
I also have another paper doll half finished, and some paperdoll outfits in the pipeline.

See you tomorrow, Holly xoxo

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