Duke Special

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Dolly mail - Momoko goodness!

A day with dolly mail is always a good day! The dolly mail was not intended for me however but was the brand spanking new Momoko ordered by Little Miss P with the Christmas money she got from her Grandma (thanks grandma!)...

I still get to enjoy things vicariously though!

She's a 'Wild and Sexy Tune' Momoko, I got her via Mimiwoo's shop. She arrived super quick, excellently packaged and she even sent this cute little bag :)


The only problem now is that I'm incredibly tempted to buy a Momoko of my own! D'oh! XD

Holly and the Momoko dollies xoxo


  1. ahhhh....now I understand
    with the escuse that they are for your daughter you get even more dolls!!! well done :-)
    Joking aside...she's gorgeous
    I need another one as well


  2. Actually you're fairly accurate there, except it backfires because whenever I order a doll for myself I have to get one for her as well making all my dolly purchases twice as expensive, lol!
    It's a good job I have a synpathetic hubby!

    And yes... you do need another Momoko... I'll encourage your dolly shopping sprees if you encourage mine! =D

    Holly xoxo

  3. deal done, not that I need much encoragement
    and I really really want the BJD Betsy McCall!!!
    Since I saw her I cannot thing of anything else, well...beside my free week in December LOL


  4. Oooh I can totally sympathise, she is extremely lovely, I was coveting her myself! I keep thinking about the Limited Edition Deer Faith from Charles' Creature cabinet... dolly dreams keep us going :)

    Holly xoxo