Duke Special

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

New paper doll outfit - cinema usherette

Just lately I have been putting a lot of hours into a new(ish) time management game, Megaplex Madness. Today I'm celebrating because I finished the game in hard mode. I thought I'd finally be free of the game, but it turns out there's a new 'insane' difficulty mode unlocked now! Will I ever get my life back!?

Anyway, it's a really great game and to mark my modest achievement I have produced this Cinema Usherette outfit to fit the padme paper doll :)



Holly and the cinema star dollies xoxoxo


  1. Cute! :D I loved your saint a few posts back, too.

  2. Thanks very much for the comment :)

    My grandma used to be a cinema usherette back in the sixties, I wish she'd saved me her uniform :)

    Holly xoxo