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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

What links today's date, the US presidential candidates, and the UK's pets?

The presidential candidates are feeling it, it's just beginning for Obama! Pets all over the UK are experiencing it today. What is it?


Today is stress awareness day in the US, and bonfire night here in the UK causing stress for many a pet.
How is all this linked to dolls I hear you cry? (speak up!)
Well, because dolls can help us to cope with stress. Any dolly fan can wax lyrical for hours about the therapeutic value of playing with our dollies. Child psychologists have long recognised the therapeutic value of role-play and the dolly confidant.
This brings me nicely onto my topic for this post which is the Guatemalan worry doll.

According to Wikipedia:
Worry dolls, or trouble dolls, are very small dolls originally made in Guatemala.
A person (usually a child) who cannot sleep due to worrying can express their worries to a doll and place it under their pillow before going to sleep.
According tofolklore, the doll is thought to worry in the person's place, thereby permitting the person to sleep peacefully. The person will wake up without their worries, which have been taken away by the dolls during the night.
The dolls are about 1/2 to 2 inches (13 mm to 50 mm) tall and handmade using wood or wire as a frame, cotton fabric and thread for clothing and cardboard for its body and face, although they can be made from clay.
Worry dolls are often sold as a fair trade item. Worry dolls are now part of Guatemalan culture and are very popular.

And because they can be purchased as fairtrade items you can enjoy them guilt free, which is one less thing to worry about! :)

Holly & the (less worried) dollies xoxo

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