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Friday, 28 November 2008

New doll and new outfit :) - 1950s cupcake housewife and introducing curvy girl Alyssa

I was up until almost 1am this morning because I couldn't stop drawing! The result was new curvy girl Alyssa.

She's a natural, easygoing, optimistic sort of girl. I think Kaylee might have had something to do with that :)

This morning was mostly spent baking cakes for the church Fayre. I thought it would be appropriate then to design a 1950s style cupcake dress complete with pinny.


The pattern for the fabric is taken from a genuine print that I found on Etsy from seller Breezyb5.

You can get them both from MY SITE

Alternatively here's a direct link to the Alyssa doll PDF

And a direct link to the Cupcake Dress PDF

Holly and the retro dollies xoxoxoxo


  1. ohh...I like her a lot
    she's indeed so fifties !!!
    great job :-)


  2. Thanks a lot Claudia :) Outfits like that make the whole idea of housework seem far more glamorous! =D

    Holly xoxo

  3. tss tss...I wouldn't go so far :-(
    I hate housework chores

  4. I don't hate housework in and of itself, I just resent the time it robs from more interesting endeavours! But if I was doing houseworl I'd rather do it in a nice frock than a boring one =D

    Holly xoxoxo

  5. Cuuuuute! Love the pattern, I can't do that with my colored pencils ;)

  6. You are right Holly! I love her and the cupcake dress! Thank you for your comment and for sharing! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic