Duke Special

Friday, 21 November 2008

New paper doll - plus sized curvy girl Libby with leopard print dress


I have been busy making a new paper doll today. She's closer to my own shape than that of the Padme doll and is very sweet and sexy :)

She has a leopard print dress and shoes available seperately on my site.

You can print her out by visiting: http://www.dinkydivas.com/printablepaperdolls.htm

New outfits will be made available for her soon. I might have to rethink the hand positions though... hmmmm.

It frustrates me that they don't seem to make any really pretty plus sized dolls, but at least I can make my own paper dolls :)

Hope you like her anyway!

Holly xoxoxo


  1. she resembles me as well, just her hair are better styled :-)

    Not sure why but I couldn't leave a comment loggin on with my wordpress account so I used the Google one.


  2. Oh, she's cute! (And closer to my size than my skinny dolls, too ;) )Looking forwards to seeing what kind of clothes you draw for her :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments! I'm glad that Libby's had such a warm reception :)

    To be honest, her hair is better styled than mine too! I'm planning on designing some new clothes for her today but not sure exactly what yet, lol!

    Thanks again! Holly xoxo