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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New dolly discovery - Niki A La Mode

I get very excited when I discover a new dolly, so I was delighted to stumble across an article on Niki A La Mode...

My first impressions were not particularly favourable, but then that's incredibly dangerous too, because usually when I dislike a doll on first sight I end up being strangely drawn to her until I fall in love! That's how my Blythe and Moof obsessions began... and Coco come to that!

Here's what the blurb on the site says:

Niki a-la-mode is the epitome of today's young fashionista.

Fresh off the pages of your favorite fashion magazines,this sultry-eyed fashion designer loves to keep up with the latest trends and dress the part.

Niki is 20-something and lives the enviable fast paced New York City lifestyle of the very talented and oh-so-chic.

Attending one of most New York's prestigious Fashion Institutes, Niki spent summers honing her skills as an intern with leading design houses.And of course, time in the Hamptons for fun as well.Niki is working in the career of her dreams.

Whether she is jet setting to the west coast, hoping across the pond to Paris for inspiration or even out for a night of clubbing, Niki always inspires with her fashion sophistication.

Niki brings alive the celebrity looks of the moment that grace life on the red carpet.

Come travel with her as she explores; her future beckons. All about a contemporary 21st century sensibility, each of Niki's looks is a carefully coordinated design. With extreme attention to even the smallest details, the style of her hair down to her shoes and accessories, Niki is sure to delight.

14" tall with a hand painted face, fine quality wig and Trulife eyes. Niki is poseable and features ball joints.

She retails for about $135 - $155 US. For more info please click the pic :)

Holly (afraid of a new obsession) and the dollies (afraid for their exclusive attention) xoxo

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