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Monday, 24 November 2008

Yet more incredibly limited and unattainable Blythes *sigh*

Yep, Blythes for the elite once again... and so cute too!

I'm loving Marigold's hair but as she's limited to a run of 1000 dolls available only to CWC Complete members living in Japan I guess she's a little out of my league!

The petite is LE also available only from the traveling event "Blythe Styling Situation", Junie Moon, Blythe official mobile site (Japan only) and CWC Group On-line Shopping.

Click on the pics for the full story... I don't have the heart to type... (and other assorted melodrama, lol!).

Actually, I'm only really annoyed because I have to wait until Christmas until I can open my own Primadolly Ashlette who is nicely wrapped and stashed in the wardrobe out of my reach.... why must my husband be so deviously tall!?

Holly and the outleagued dollies xoxo

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