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Monday, 10 November 2008

Sorry for the absence! Weekend update.

Hi peeps, sorry for the conspicuous lack of posting over the weekend but my computer was being most non-cooperative. But things are back in order now, for the time being at least, *touch wooden dolly's head for luck!*.

It has been a fairly dolly enhanced weekend. On Saturday I happened across a lovely little book:

I managed to get mine from a charity shop, but as you can see it's very reasonably priced on Amazon too :)

It's a lovely little reference book with some great information and nice pictures too, a lucky find!

But my good dolly fortune did not end their as I also happened upon these cute kokeshi style moneyboxes from a bargain store:


The big one was £2.99 and the little ones were £1 each - bargain!

Holly and the (kokeshi) dollies xoxo

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